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Zhang had hoped to enroll her daughter in more offline tutoring classes as staring at the screen is damaging her eyesight. But discover here the latest crackdown means it will be almost impossible. "I feel this approach is kind of one size fits all," Zhang said in Mandarin, according to a CNBC translation.  These Chinese U.S.-listed stocks could be relatively safe as Beijing crackdown continues After-school tutoring can be costly, but many parents feel compelled to sign their children up so they stand a chance in the highly competitive college entrance exam system.  Luna Cheng is raising her 13-year-old daughter in Shanghai's downtown Jing'an district. She told CNBC she paid about 5,000 yuan ($774) for a two-week summer course with about 20 other students, comprising of three hours a day on mathematics.  That's a hefty sum for most households, who also face high housing costs.  A 5,000 yuan course is about 71% of the average monthly disposable income of 7,058 yuan for urban residents in Shanghai, according to official data for this year.   But the same course would far exceed the average monthly disposable income of 3,756 yuan for rural residents working in Shanghai, the data showed, although rural workers have seen their incomes grow more quickly than urban ones.  In Beijing, the hourly rate of a private one-on-one class anecdotally ranges from around 500 yuan to 2000 yuan. Despite the cost, Cheng said she wanted to enroll her daughter in more courses this summer, but her daughter did not want to sign up. "I am a bit anxious,'' Cheng said. Her daughter will begin physics class in the fall, and Cheng estimates that 90% of her classmates will be studying for it during the summer break. Without extra studying time after school, Cheng said she is afraid her daughter will not be able to catch up, let alone excel in the new subject. Such fears push parents in China to spend a lot on after-school tutoring and help fuel a burgeoning industry. According to a 2020 report by Oliver Wyman , the market size for China's after-school tutoring for kindergarten to 12th grade students reached 800 billion yuan ($123.7 billion) in 2019. The consultancy predicted the market will break 1 trillion yuan by 2025. The growth was further accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for online tutoring. The new policy may actually have adverse effects in the short term, especially since poorer families typically send their children to tutoring schools only because of peer pressure, Claudia Wang, partner at Oliver Wyman and lead of the firm's Asia education practice, told CNBC on Monday. "Now, they've probably given up," she said. The consequences reach far beyond business owners and parents: the future of millions of workers also hangs in the balance.


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officials, including Muriel Bowser, however, also sought to emphasize what they saw as federal prosecutors’ role in the lab’s troubles. In a letter , Bowser criticized prosecutors for conducting their own audit of the lab instead of following the lab’s procedures. Patterson’s audit is only the latest inquiry into the lab’s problems. Following the loss of accreditation, the city hired forensic consulting firm SNA International to conduct what agency leaders have described as a “top-to-bottom” review of the lab with an eye toward regaining accreditation. The city signed a $764,000 contract with the company to “assess and document all current DFS operations,” including lab management, quality practices, and procedures and practices, to identify the root causes that led to the loss of accreditation, according to a copy of the solicitation obtained by WTOP through a D.C. Freedom of Information Act request . There is also an apparently still-ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by the D.C. Office of the Inspector General. Court documents reveal the IG has been conducting interviews related to that investigation as recently as late June, although the status of the investigation is unclear. Patterson said she is aware of the other audits and investigations, but that her office’s review is unique. “It’s important to make sure that when there are multiple reviews going forward, that nothing is missed … nobody else is looking at the law, itself.” For example, the probe will zero in on the process laid out in the D.C. statute for investigating errors. By law, “any allegation of professional negligence, misconduct, or misidentification or other testing error” must be immediately reported to the lab’s independent panel of forensic experts, the Science Advisory Board. More significant issues are required to be investigated by a third party. However, the law as currently written has been criticized by some as placing too much discretion in the hands of the agency director. Only allegations that the director determines are “credible and substantial and that may substantially affect the integrity of the results of forensic analysis” are required to be investigated by an outside party. At a D.C.